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How to Potty Train Your Dog At Home

Potty training your dog has to be done properly. If your dog doesn't understand the potty training process completely, he or she will continue to have accidents in your home and will not understand why that is not okay.

Fortunately, you're about to learn the proper way to potty train your do so he or she will learn faster, easier, and have less accidents.

This is the Best Time To Potty Train Your Dog

If your dog is between 8 months old and four years old it is the best time to potty train your dog. Below are some of the reasons why:

Not Too Early, Not Too Late - When you're potty training a puppy, you have to deal with their high energy levels and tiny bladders which makes it difficult to control them. Older adult dogs tend to be more stubborn since nothing is new to them, making it more of a challenge. However, dogs in the ripe age are eager to learn, are more controlled, and have more focus making it very easy to train them.
Full Bladder Control - Puppies can only hold their bathroom urges for 2-4 hours tops and older dogs bathroom needs can sometimes be unpredictable. But, dogs over 8 months in age can hold their bathroom urges for up to 8 hours and are on a very regular schedule making it easy to know when they need to go out and even easier to train.
Familiar with Everything - Everything is new to younger dogs; they get scared by random items and are very easily distracted by anything that catches their eye which makes it difficult for them to focus and learn. When dogs are a little older though, they are already familiar with everything so they are less distracted and have more focus on what you're teaching them.

How to Tell if Your Dog is NOT Making Progress

If you've attempted to house train you dog in the past, or if you're currently house training your dog you will want to know if they are making progress...right? If your dog is doing any of the following things, the chances are that he or she is not making progress and is most likely confused with the potty training process.

Having "Accidents" In Hard-to-Find Places - If you've found your dog's accidents under furniture, in corners, or in any hard to find area it's a good sign that your dog is confused with the potty training process. Normally dogs will potty in the spot they themselves determine to be the bathroom spot (ever see dogs pace around before they actually go). Normally this is in the open so they can clearly see avoid their waste, however, if your dog has been punished in the past for pottying inside, your dog will start to hide their "accidents" so you cannot find them and will not punish him or her. Your dog is not hiding it's waste because it's embarrassed, but out of fear of what will happen if you find it.
Having An "Accident" After Being Outside - If your dog has had an accident after being outside, it's another sign that he or she is confused with the potty training process. Usually this happens when the dog thinks he or she is going outside to play instead of using the bathroom.
Not Using the Bathroom Around You - If your dog will not use the bathroom when you take him/her outside, but uses the bathroom when someone else takes him/her outside then you've got a problem. This happens when the dog is scared of you. Sometimes it's just because the dog is not familiar with you or you appear scary to the dog, but most of the time it's caused because the dog is scared you will punish him/her for using the bathroom in front of you. If you've ever punished your dog for pottying inside, it will make your dog scared to use the bathroom in front of you even if you are outside.

How to Start Potty Training Your Dog

Potty training your dog can be a fairly easy and quick process as long as you have the right items, have a schedule, and use the correct training methods. If you do everything correctly, your dog should be nearly fully potty trained within 5-7 days. Below is what you need to do to make sure this happens:

What You Need to Potty Train Your Dog

Not everything below is necessary, but it will certainly help speed up the training process.
  • Plenty of tasty treats to use to reward your dog's progress
  • A leash and collar to use when taking your dog outside to potty
  • A room or crate that you can put your dog in that he/she will feel is their own private spot in your home

Putting Your Dog on A Potty Schedule

A potty schedule for your dog is not only convenient, but it also helps reduce the number of accidents your dog has. Basically, you will plan out in advance what times you will feed your dog and when you will take your dog out. After a few days your dogs body will adapt to the schedule. For example, if you always take your dog out to potty after feeding him/her, their body will get used to pottying at that time.

Using the Correct Potty Training Methods

This is probably the most vital thing to get correct when potty training you dog. If you are using confusing or random training methods, your dog will easily get confused. Your dog will be potty trained fastest from a regular and predictable potty training routine. Fortunately, we have already created a routine containing everything you need to know to be able to quickly potty train your dog. You can download this routine below.

Download the Complete Guide to Potty Train Your Dog

How to Potty Train A Puppy Want to learn how to housebreak your dog in the shortest amount of time possible? Get the complete potty training guide for dogs and learn step-by-step exactly how to potty train your dog so you will see results in less than 7 days.
  • Learn how to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days or Less
  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to potty train your dog correctly
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  • Guaranteed to work for your dog regardless of age or intelligence
Get the Guide
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